Women’s Rebellion Movement

 In a society that dictates you what to wear, how to behave, what to say or not say, I find my way in being “me”. Since as far I can remeber I was more of a loner, I loved being alone and do my own things. Even now, I just enjoy my presence. So, if I don’t agree with something I have the tendency to rebel and promote the feminist movement.

 Being a rebel as a teenager it’s fine, because it comes with the age, but as you turn close to 30 it gets really difficult. People expect you to grow up and behave likewise. Your parents expect you to get married and have some children A.S.A.P. Your boss wants you to be more like a robot. Your boyfriend wants you to be more of a house wife if possible and less independent. Even your friends want to hang out the same way you did in your 20’s.

But if everyone wants different things from you, how are you going to keep them all happy? Rebelling! I know it sounds a bit revolutionary but why not do it? Think about what you want, what makes you happy and if they love you, they will understand.

Your parents will eventually understand you are not ready to get married yet. And they will also understand your point of view about adoption..someday. Everything takes time.

 Your boss will maybe realize what a great asset you are for his company. Only true people can stand their ground and fight for their rights. Plus, if s/he doesn’t realize these obvious things, you can always get another job.

Your boyfriend will understand that being an independent woman is far sexier than being insecure and emotional dependent. Show him some examples and he can’t argue on that one. Almost all of the sexy and powerful women are independent and that makes them so desirable. If he can’t get your point, then get rid of him, life it’s too short to be spent with a short minded man.

About your friends, they have to look in the mirror and realize that the Bohemian nights are over and it’s really time to move on. You can still meet up from time to time, but no club is going to miss you if you don’t check in every week.

Oh and I almost forgot about the field where I am rebelling the most: fashion. Since as long as I can remeber I liked having my own style. And my own style means dressing up according to my mood. Today I can be casual, tomorrow classy and the day after tomorrow underground style. I chose to rebel and not settle for a single style. I am a complex human being and so is my wardrobe.

In the end, my advice for you in life is to always rebel and be unique no matter what others say or do. You have your rights to be unique so show them to the world. Be a rebel, be yourself :).

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