Changing the approach towards Social Media

When talking about guilty pleasures, one of ours must be Social Media. Every single day I have to go on Facebook, on Google+, on Blogger, then over here and that’s how I spend a good couple of hours. I’m pathetic at times, I know, but it’s so entertaining. I can see what my friends are doing and just connect with them with a click. Also I can read the latest articles in the matters I’m interested.

But along the years I’ve changed all my perception about Social Media. It all started two years ago with a revolution, deleting my old Facebook account with hundreds of friends whom I never spoke with more than 2 times. I had few solid reasons to do that. One of them was the fact that I was spending too much time there, doing nothing productive, destructive more likely. Every single time I was logging in I was invaded by pictures from amazing holidays, by newsletters from friends who were travelling around the world, meanwhile I was still figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I know comparisons are bad, but I couldn’t help it. So I was getting depressed at times, thinking I will become homeless soon if I don’t change something. And so on every day, I became anxious and cranky, not satisfied with what I had. After all this torment which lasted nearly a year, woke up one morning and realized where all my insecurities were coming from. Before logging in I wasn’t unsatisfied with my life or with myself. I was me, with all my qualities and faults, with my job that I didn’t love at all times but I didn’t hate it either and with my life in general, which was perfect just the way it was.

What changed me into this freak? I didn’t have a life anymore. I was stuck in front of the computer stressing I don’t live a glamorous life. What happened with all those days spent by the sea, with sun on my face, or with all those nights spent dreaming about our future? Did I forget about them along the way? Did I really forget what life is about? I became so lazy that I preferred to stay in front of the computer instead of figuring out what I want and go for it.

And that was the moment I realized it has to come to an end. I realized we must live the moments, not take pictures just to share them online. I deleted my Facebook and decided to start a new life. The miracle lasted for two months, after which I made a new Facebook account but only with my close friends. What can I do? Once you’re caught into this vortex, there’s no way out :). The big difference is that today I log in to check my family and friends and to post something from my blog. I don’t go to check everyone’s profile and photos because I realized the real moments are the ones not caught by the camera and your private life is not a Facebook page.

P.S.1 Once in a blue moon I check on all the other people I know just to see what they’ve been up to, but now I do it just for fun, because I know what I want and what I have and comparison doesn’t fit into my schedule anymore.

P.S, 2 Good luck TimeDancer on your new journey, without Facebook :).

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