How to look cool (and feel hot) in the gym

New Year, new beginning, new prospects and some resolutions. One of many resolutions for new years in general, is to lose weight. Being a woman I subscribe to this one too, this year. I don’t want to lose a lot, only to reach my high school weight (the bit when I was lighter). So My Private and Personal Trainer (aka U.B.) decided I have to hit the gym with him. Easier said than done.

You see, last time I went to the gym was 3 years ago and only for a short period of time (2 days in one month). I don’t really like the gym for the simple fact that when I exercise I like to do it  with no one staring at me. I find this place like real life Facebook. Usually people go there to socialize and show off, just like online. You’ll see those guys full of muscles trying to prove one another that they are strong; those good looking/fit girls who I have no idea what are doing there, except to get those guys attention and at last you’ll find 3-5 people who go there just to train, lose weight, struggle and sweat, and are laughed by the show offs. As you probably get it by now, I’m in the last category.

But this year,I decided to change my prospects and views and give it a try, as U.B. is always saying “Diet is not enough if you want to look good for the summer!” And he’s right. So each morning we wake up and hit the gym. The hardest part for me is the first one, as I’m more of an owl than an early bird.

At this gym, like in all the other ones, you can find all those three types of people. But I won’t get myself intimidated this time, therefore am going to stand out in my own way. Wsauna costumehen exercising you need to sweat in order to lose weight, but I don’t, not enough anyway. Searching online I found the answer to my questions: the sauna suit. Went quickly to buy one, but they didn’t have women size so went for men’s one, not a big difference, considering I’m a tall gal. Took it home and tried it on. It looks like an astronaut outfit for carnival, but who cares anyway, when main purpose is to lose weight.

This morning I took it with me, but wasn’t brave enough and only put on the trousers. So between that guy who thinks is the biggest in there and the sexy girl, you’ll find me, the fit astronaut wannabe. I’m lucky U.B. has a good sense of humor, as people were looking at me really funny. Maybe they were envious :).

So if you want to stand out in the gym and you didn’t know how, forget about sexy outfits (as most of the girls over there are dressed this way), try this costume and everyone will turn their heads towards you :). Plus it will help you sweat a lot.

P.S. Am going to write the motivational message  in the image on the mirror and read it every morning. It might help.

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