I’m not Charlie, I’m just an observer

The events happening now in France concern us all, no matter our nationality or religion. It is a problem that people keep avoiding for centuries. As a journalist I feel gutted for what happened at Charlie Hebdo office on Wednesday. Seen from a journalistic point of view you’d say freedom of speech is just a utopia, that you can’t say what you feel and think anymore because you might get attacked.

Well, agree to disagree. We can’t look only at one side of the story, because it won’t be fair and professional. Back in 2008, my thesis debated the problem that minorities have in the society, the way they are treated and presented in the media. I thought things would change in 7 years, but apparently some things will never change if we don’t do anything about them.

When I was working in school we had a meeting regarding bullying and how much it affects the mental development of the children. A bully, according to dictionary.com, is a “blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people”. We might believe that bullying is just a temporary behaviour that goes away when you grow up, but the truth is , it doesn’t. Bullies are always going to be bullies, no matter what. We totally disagree with this behaviour, but what happens when it comes with consequences, when the bullied one backfires? Doesn’t the Charlie Hebdo activity looks a bit like bullying – bullying a minority which struggles every day, because people look at them funny, consider them terrorists and so on?

I know that violence is not the answer and totally disagree using it to show you are angry and that you had enough, but violence can come in many ways, not only physical. Sometimes words and images hurt more than a bullet and have the power to change the world, to turn people against one another. Doesn’t take much to pay minimum respect to other people who are inhabiting this world. Making people laugh is a great thing, but when you’re trying to do it by mocking other people, nations, religions, races, etc. – becomes revolting.

I was so curious what the murderers would have stated in their trial, but unfortunately I can’t, because our society knows to pay violence only with violence. From all the special troops that France has, they couldn’t manage to catch the attackers alive, or they didn’t want them alive. It’s easier like that, isn’t it? So nobody will know the reasons why this happened and will continue to blame the Muslim minority for everything bad that happens.

In these days I think we should turn off the TVs and really analyse who is the enemy in the whole equation. Hate doesn’t help us, it never did. Punishing innocent people as I’ve read today here is pure cruelty. Learning to understand one another is the thing that will stop all the conflicts. Stop bullying the weaker and fewer, because that is not what an evolved society does! Accept them and if you want to be funny do it differently. This should be a lesson for all of us and it’s never too late to learn.

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