The following paragraphs are the product of a bunch of 9-12 years old who had to make up a story using these words: hotel, plane, pig, lamp, bed, milk, fork, plate, tennis, dinner,water, finger, glass, sing, swim, sea, cheese, TV, song, write, ball, dead, party and sofa. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

The hotel was cold, after the plane landed. Suddently they heard a big bang and wondered what was it. A dedective “pig” was called in to help out. The detective walked in the reception of the hotel and saw this strange lamp. The reason it was strange, was because the lamp was floating in the air.

He decided it was to late and went to bed still wondering why the lamp was in the air. He couldn’t sleep so he went downstairs to take a cup of warm milk, thinking it would help. The warm milk didn’t help so he went to play a game with the floating lamp. The fork asked to join the game. Mr Plate was an old rascal who was famous for his tennis skills, so he also joined. After the game finished they all went to have dinner. While other were eating, all Mr Plate could do was drink water through his little finger.

Suddenly everybody turned to the door where the smashing glass sound came from. On top of everything they decided to sing a song and then they continued the tennis game. Mr Pig was so sweaty that he decided to go and swim in the sea. Everyone joined him. In the sea they found a rotten piece of cheese and a fish family who was watching Justin Beiber on TV. Mr Pig then decided to write a song about a fish playing with a ball and give it to Beiber to sing it.

They all nearly fainted when they saw a dead man floating in the sea. As dreaming, they all stood up and jumped in to party with him. The party was so fun that even the dead man came to life and everybody gor back to the hotel. They crashed on the sofa and fell asleep.

The End