In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”

Lyla was Narcissus and Echo’s daughter born from a platonic miraculous love on the shore of the river.  She was water, water that is so vital for everyone and everything. She was water in all the metamorphoses.

Lyla was the most beautiful girl everyone could see, but there was something strange about her. Losing her parents from early age she had some icy presence in her. Her eyes were cold and everyone was unable to get to know her better. She presented all the characteristics of ice. Her heart was cold, due to her suffering and wasn’t ready to let anyone in it.

One day, all of a sudden, when she was 25 something miraculous happened. She began to melt. That ice began to transform into water. And all happened when she met Him. He was different from all the people Lyla met before. Couldn’t help it but fall deeply into his charms. She lost all the icy treats and had become water. She was now beautiful like the sea water that always comes to the shore. Sometimes Lyla was still and calm like a lake, but there were days when she was like an ocean after a storm. You see, it was like people knew who she was all of the sudden but they were so wrong. You know the surface, but you can’t read into the depths of a human being, let alone into Lyla’s who was so versatile. People were still falling in love with her, but her eyes were only for Him, the one who made her melt. She thought that this was it, this was love, the love that her parents never had the chance to live.

But love is such a versatile feeling when one is not ready and falls too hard. His love for Lyla was so strong and thought they will be like that forever. Unfortunately Lyla wasn’t a normal human being, she was water and when His love began to grow her body transformed also. She became steam. All the water she once was, turned into heavy steam going towards the loved one. The steam was so thick and left marks on each and every thing Lyla touched. Everyone and everything knew she was there but couldn’t see where she was. She reached her Nirvana. She was there and though she wasn’t. She found her peace and when she will cnsider it, she’ll come back on the earth to show us all the forms she can take.