You once told me there’s no sunshine,

That the clouds have no rain

And everything vanishes,

If you can’t see me again.

You once told me how you love me,

How I am the most special person in your life

And that no matter what,

Nobody could keep us apart.

I felt the same,

I believed in you;

Even though there were signs,

Showing you were changing through.

I couldn’t see them then, I was too ecstatic

I could have avoided things

That made me suffer after.

And then came that day,

That awful autumn day

When you told me everything’s over

And walked away.

I wanted to remind you

All the things you once said

But it seemed too late

So I just watched you go instead.

And that’s when I realized

As difficult as it is

In life you can’t say things

Then blow them in the wind.

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