Hi friends! If it’s Friday, it’s time for good music and fun. In terms of music, 1986 was, much like 1985, a year of great hits. This was the year when Modern Talking released Brother Louie, a hit that was played at every party in the 90’s and later on (I enjoy listening to it even now, after 29 years). In this year all the dance floors were crowded when DJs were playing Touch Me,  You Give Love a Bad Name or Final Countdown. Monday were easier, when people were listening to Manic Monday. People tried to figure out what Crowded House were saying in Don’t Dream It’s Over and fell in love with Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You (very popular on wedding collages in the 90’s). In 1986 Queen were asking an essential question and Cyndi Lauper was suggesting us to show our True Colours. But long talk get’s borin at times so let me present you, My Top 5 favourites:

 Berlin- Take My Breath Away – because I fell in love with Tom Cruise in Top Gun and because it reminds me of my first summers by the sea side as a child (most of the restaurants were playing this song).

 Madonna- La Isla Bonita – it has such a Spanish vibe.

Europe- Carrie  Joey Tempest has such a good voice and the instrumental is amazing.

Chris De Burgh- Lady in Red – There’s no point in explaining why I love this song. If you are a woman, you know it already and if you are a man, pay attention to the lyrics.

Bon Jovi- Livin’ On a Prayer– because it has a great energy and I could probably dance on it even in my eighties.

So there it is, what do you think about it? What were your favourite songs of 1986? I would really like to know. Till next time, have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to dance like nobody’s watching.

P.S. Because a dear friend of mine suggested I should make a playlist with these songs, here it is. Have fun!