Hi there! It’s week-end, it’s time for our night fever with tons of good music from 1988, this time. As we saw in the previous years this decade is full of good music. Main theme is love, of course and some broken hearts on te side. In 1988 very young Kyle Minogue was thinking that  she should be so lucky in love, Belinda Carlisle was making circles in the sand and Robin Beck was singing about her first time…first love. Guns N’ Roses were pleading to take them home to Paradise City and Enya was sailing away. Billy Ocean was a bit rude and straightforward, saying Get outta  my dream, get into my car (not my kind of lyrics), but I love Bobby McFerrin’s message: Don’t worry, Be Happy. Rick Astley was in love and Kim Wilde was…well you decide. My favourite band in the 90’s, Roxette, released their hit The Look and Everything but the Girl made a cover after I Don’t Want To Talk About It– a great song by the way. Maybe one the most intriguing song of the year was Yé ké yé ké. I have no idea what Mory Kanté was singing about, but the song has good rhythm.

Great songs 1988! And now my top 5 favourites are:

Fast Car-Tracy Chapman– love the voice, the guitar and the lyrics. It also reminds me of this.

500 miles- The Proclaimers– I know that How I Met Your Mother made this song very popular to my generation, so popular that one NYE, two or three years ago, I listened to it for the whole night. 🙂

Waiting For A Star To Fall- Boy Meets Girlnow this is a song to dance on for a whole night, week, month and year. I absolutely love it. Even have it on my mp3.

The Twist (“Yo Twist”)- Fat Boy &Chubby Checker – since we’ve start dancing already what’s the point in stopping? Do it till we drop.

Loco in Acapulco- The Four Tops– because it reminds me of one of my best friends so every time I listen to it can’t help but smile. Love Acapulco.

One moment in time-Whitney Huston. You probably wonder if Whitney is going to be present in all my tops from now on. Probably yes and you can hear the reasons why.

For more good music check here and till next Friday dance yourself dizzy.