I love reading diaries, first because they are easy to read and second because it’s like you enter directly into the character’s soul, without any intervention from a narrator. Also noted that diaries are a big hit in the movie industry The Vampire Diaries, Bridget Jones Diary, The Princess Diaries, The Carrie Diaries or My Mad Fat Diary. Today we are going to see  how much teenagers life changed during the years depending on the society they live in. And the best choices to do so are two teenagers’ diaries.

First one is The Princess Diaries where we meet Mia Thermopolis, who is a princess, but doesn’t know it from the beginning. She is just a normal teenager obsessed with Star Wars and in love with her best friend’s brother. She has a normal life in New York, up until she has to travel to The Principality of Genovia (a small fictional European state where she is the heir to the throne). Through the 10 volumes (quite a lot, I know) we travel with Mia through her teenager years, we laugh and cry with her and connect in a deeper way or feel a bit melancholic, remembering your own teenage period. The Princess Diaries is a good young adult fiction that describes the life of a teenager in our modern society, with small worries, some drama and lots of laughter.

The feelings change though when you read The diary of a young girl. Anne Frank is 13 and lives in Amsterdam with her family, back in 1942. She has a normal life for the times being, goes to school and dreams to become a writer or journalist. Everything changes when the war starts and because they were Jews, Anne and her family, have to go into the hiding far away from German army. In the hiding place Anne keeps a journal in which she writes about her contrasting feelings, about her life surrounded by 7 other people, about the changes that took place outside and inside the Annex (the place where they were hiding), about her reflections to life in general and about how she discovered love. It breaks your heart to see how those eight people lived for 2 years and the things get even tougher in the end. Even though we have a lot to learn from Anne we must realize this is not a fiction. She was a young human being who suffered a lot in The Second World War and like her there were plenty of people, children and teenagers, who didn’t have the chance to keep a journal. This book takes you back in time and makes you realise that what happened to Anne and her family, happens today in countries where the war never stops, where people have to hide constantly and leave with fear that next moment they could be dead. It’s a great book that should be read mainly by worldwide leaders who still fight unreasonable causes. Maybe Mr Putin needs to read it and some Islamic leaders also.

So teenagers are quite the same everywhere, they still discover life and their personalities. They still make plans for the future, dream and love. What makes them different are the times and the societies they are living in.

At the time being I am still in the war zone with another teenage heroine and I will come with a post about it shortly. Meanwhile I totally recommend you to read The Princess Diaries and A Young Girl Diary. First ones are lighter, easy-reading books (you can start with the first volume and decide if you want to continue), while the second one will make you realize certain things about us as humans.