Hello friends! We’ve seen the greatest songs of the half of 80’s decade. Now, as a special edition, I decided to show you how the music world looked like in some of the countries in Europe in the 80’s. Let our journey begin!

Choosing to start alphabetically, my first pick is France. From France I already mentioned Vanessa Paradis with Joe le taxi, but there were many other songs that impressed the public’s ear. One of the biggest hits in the language of love was Voyage, voyage which you’ve probably heard here and there. I also found another song from Vanessa, about Marilyn and John and one from Didier Barbelivien about Elsa (not connection to Frozen whatsoever). Herbert Leonard was singing about Power and Glory and Alain Chamfort about Bamboos. Even though she’s Canadian I couldn’t help to mention her here: Ladies and gents, Celine Dion, who sings about love and friendship.

That’s pretty much it, in France, as I don’t want to stay only there. Moving towards East we end up in Germany where Nicole wanted just a bit of peace. I totally understand her, considering the events in the late 80’s and the falling of the Berlin Wall. No wonder why her song was a big hit there. Nena wanted not one, not two but 99 Balloons don’t ask me why, I barely understand “Ja” and “Nein”. DAF were singing about love at first sight and Münchner Freihet also something about love since the song is called A thousand times you or maybe it was blaming you a thousand times. Whoever knows German, please help me as I’m lost in translation. I left Falco in the end as even though he’s Austrian, the language is still the same. Falco was a big hit in Europe in the 80’s with Jeanny and Rock me Amadeus.

Leaving the cold Germany, we move south towards sunny Greece where Demis Roussos was singing so beautifully. Even though he was born in Egypt and sang either in English or French, he’s nationality is Greek. He had a lovely voice as you can tell if you listen to The beauty of Your eyes, The wedding song, Marie Jolie and Medley. More 80’s Greek songs you can listen to here.

From Greece we take the ferry across the Ionian Sea and land in the country of pasta, romance and pizza. Bienvenuti a Italia! In Italy Al Bano Carrisi and Romina Power were big stars in the ‘80s at San Remo Festival. Songs like Sempre Sempre, Felicita and Sharazan were rocking the parties all over Europe. In the same decade Toto Cutugno was singing about the true Italian man and Richi e Poveri was wondering why he loves Sara. Also from Italy comes Umberto (not Eco although you can always read In the name of the rose) Tozzi who is singing about a girl called Stella.

From Italy we move north-east to their Latin brothers. Welcome to the country of beautiful women and good food, welcome to Romania. In the 80’s Romania had really good rock bands like Iris with Flower of Iris and Who calls me in the night and Holograf with Instead of saying goodbye and I will always love you. There were also Red and Black band (like Stendhal novel) and Compact. A great artist, resembling Leonard Cohen, Nicu Alifantis was singing about Rain in March and Stela Enache about High school years. Romania’s Madonna, Loredana Groza was saying Good evening to her lover, while the video was about the Revolution that took place in 1989 in the country. Not very inspired theme for a video to a love song, if you ask me. I cannot help but mention a very nice song dedicated to all the mothers in the world thanking them for all the effort and love. And finally we have a cover after Jennifer Rush’s Power of love.

Moving North, we end up in the country of vodka and tall women, Russia. Not a big fan of Russian music, as I don’t understand a thing, somehow I managed to find the big hits in the 80’s. One comes from Alexander Barykin who sings about a Bouquet, maybe the bouquet he’s planning to give to his lover or maybe is the bouquet of A million Red Roses that Alla Pugacheva was singing about. Russian coalition! Laima Vaikule went to a Vernissage and Sofia Rotaru and Nikolai Baskov had a song about Levender.

Going back and forth around Europe is quite tiring. This one is the last stop I promise you. We’re going back south where the weather is warmer and people are having more fun. Bienvenida a Espana, the country of sangria, paella and flamenco. Spain had really great hits in the 80’s you can check over here. Among them I chose to present you two of Soda Stereo’s greatest hits: De musica ligera and Cuando Pasa el Temblor,  Mecano’s tribute to Laika (you know, the dog who flew out of space) and Alaska and Dinarama’s Who cares. Julio Iglesias held the number 1 for 13 weeks with The best of my life and Yuri was no1 for 16 weeks with Que te pasa. If we are in Spain, it was impossible not to mention Rocio Durcal and her lovely voice.

Wow, that was a long post! The longest so far, but I had fun and hopefully so did you. What do you think of this trip? Do you have any other good songs from the 80’s to add? Maybe from another country I didn’t mention. I would be more than happy to read from you. Till next time, don’t forget to listen to good music and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

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