Leaving the 80’s behind we move on to a new decade, new sounds, new music. Madonna still rules the charts with Vogue (maybe that’s why the magazine became so popular in time) and we still find Michael Bolton around, but there are also new names and new styles. Mariah Carey released two great hits this year Love takes time and Vision of love and Stevie B was singing Because I love you. We can still hear some 80’s sounds like in Billy Joel’s song We didn’t start the fire or in Step by step. Enigma’s beautiful sounds could be recognized in Sadness and Bon Jovi still rocked the show with Blaze of Glory. But we have brand new styles and faces like MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Soul II Soul and Snap. Disco groove baby, that’s what the 90’s are all about. Finishing now with my top favorites of 1990:

Wind of change- Scorpionsit reminds me of the change that happened in the Eastern European Block at the end of the 80’s, beginning of the 90’s. Stressful memories, that still rest in the back of my brain.

Do you remember-Phil Collinsit just has a good vibe and takes you back on the memory lane, good memories this time.

It must have been love- Roxetteone of the biggest hits of the 90’s coming from one of my favorite bands of the decade.

Nothing compares 2U- Sinead O’Connorthere’s no need to say why I love this song. Just listen to it and you’ll understand.

Enjoy the silence-Depeche Modethe power of silence beats everything so why not enjoy it 🙂

This was it. A short post for 1990’s hits, but hope you enjoyed it. Till next time, don’t forget to dance and enjoy life and the silence from time to time.