Even though George Orwell stated early days that this novella reflects events during Russian Revolution in 1917, couldn’t help to notice the similarities between the situation presented there and our corporate society, where people behave a lot like the animals and the leaders a lot like the pigs.

At the Animals Farm is like in any country/institution on this planet. Everything starts with a revolution against the system, followed by settling a new leading power where we have good people and bad people.  The ones that want the good of the people/employees are quickly removed from the system as they don’t fit. They are then shown in a bad light in front of the manipulated audience. The new proclaimed leader who are very clever in persuasive programs, start a quick program of masked slavery. Even though everyone is treated far worse than they have been before, they “believe” to live better. If anything bad happens or things don’t work the way they should, the previous power is to blame. No one asks questions, but if they rarely appear they are quickly answered by lies which seem so real that everyone believes them. Doesn’t the plot sound a bit familiar?

In the Animal Farm we have all the categories of people we find today:

  • Boxer (the horse) resembles the hardworking man who works so hard all his life, has no days off and believes in the supreme authority. He still hopes to retire one day, but he won’t be very lucky.
  • The cat is similar to all those people who always go through life without much stress, eat well and don’t work very hard. When a conflict appears, whey slowly disappear and show up when it’s done.
  • The flock of sheep resembles people who never know anything but always believe in outdated slogans and keep repeating them until the others believe them. They are the mind controlled parrots.
  • The dogs are similar the army which is always needed in case of a rebellion and always used to protect the ones in charge.
  • The Raven is nothing more than the Church, who can always calm the spirits, by promising ever after peace and joy.
  • The chickens are similar to all the people that are asked to work more without complains.
  • And finally we have the pigs whose role in society you all figured by now.

With all these being said what about you?  Which animal you resemble most? I can’t help but wonder how some people still think this novella is just a kids’ story. It creeps me out, really.