Even though I didn’t plan to write about Fifty Shades of Grey, due to the fact that almost everyone wrote or talked about it, here I am writing.  What made me write this post is a review I read on a blog some days ago. The blogger said that the books are poorly written (not something new since everyone agrees on that one) and that nothing is spectacular , though she managed to read them all. Basically she wasn’t impressed by anything, although in other post  she admitted she would like a one night stand with Mr. Grey. So I was like “What?”. And I came to the conclusion that maybe more than 80% of the women who think this book is awful and disrespects women would probably want to try a night with Christian Grey, not for fun of course, but for research and documentation on BDSM. Right? So these things being said, I think E.L. James succeeded in creating a desirable character, that will stay in your mind for various reasons: either you want to be with Christian Grey (even if only for one night), be Christian Grey (applied not only to men) or hate Christian Grey for abusing Anastasia Steele (great name by the way- cut the last “e” and you have one of the strongest low-cost alloy which associated with the name of a princess makes it pretty interesting). Mission completed. Plus, sex sells so Mrs, James knew that very well when she wrote the books.

I’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy two years ago and I must say I was quite impressed. Being my first book of erotica it was pretty intriguing. First it’s an easy reading, so you don’t get bored even if there are nearly 1500 pages in total, it has action and suspense. So it has mostly anything a book should have. You can see the results of psychological abuse and what can come out of it in the end. I wouldn’t say it’s an awful book and knowing now that E.L. James wrote some bits of it on the metro, on her phone, on the way to work makes it brilliant. You try to do that and see what comes out? Maybe you’ll be surprised or maybe you’ll become as famous as her and her books.

Reading the books and all, I’m not so sure about the movie. It doesn’t quite fit in the picture I created in my mind so I prefer not to watch it, at least for the time being. Now I’m going back to my books and my characters who are not as sexy and attractive as Christian Grey, but they have a sexy brain. 🙂