Another week has gone by so our musical journey continues. Today is 1993’s turn and his greatest hits.  Take for example Will you be there and I’ll be there and you know what I’m talking about. From 1993 comes Ace of Base with The Sign (I broke one friend’s cassette tape listening to this song) and Can’t help falling in love (my first encounter with reggae music- listening to it at full blast). Oh and Haddaway, What is love? Baby don’t hurt me- great tune even after all these years. Cranberries and their Dreams were released in 1993 also, but there was a song I always liked whenever it was on the radio, even though I never knew its name. Luckily, by doing this research, I came across it and it’s called Two Pinces. Hurrah! Also, mustn’t forget Mr. Big with Wild World.

I’ve noticed that plenty of ’93 songs are meant for the broken hearts (was it something in the air that year?): Everybody hurts (don’t listen to it when in a really good mood, might put you down), Said I loved you, but I lied (I used to listen to it when was feeling blue), I will always love you (a great hit which you can enjoy whenever, though I prefer the original version). In the same category goes Breath again and one of my favorites Please forgive me (this must be all men’s anthem). I remember I couldn’t decide back then between Bryan Adams and Meatloaf, but now I definitely vote for I’ll do anything for love as it’s more alert and more appealing to my style. One of the lasts songs that go into this category it’s Rain by always surprising Madonna. That’s enough with the sad songs because Gabrielle really believes that dreams come true so you might find peace and happiness in the end. There’s no need to feel blue anymore.

I couldn’t just finish this post without mentioning my favorite song of this year. Actually songs since there’s three of them as couldn’t decide. One is Sting with Fields of Gold – always remain speechless when I hear it. Another one is Runaway train which is in my top 10 of 90’s music since it made me understand things and actions in general. Farewell for now, I’ve done my part and hope you enjoyed these songs. I’m leaving you with the third one coming from Aerosmith  (seems like Liv had a really great time in her daddy’s video). Ciao!:)