Tick-tock, Tick-tock

It doesn’t stop, will never stop

It goes like this for ages

Centuries and eras,

It’s never too eager or too proud

Never too bold or to loud.

Our bare eyes can’t see it through

We just feel it and mirrors will show,

Its signs are visible after a while

But you can’t blame it ’cause it flies.

Yes, it’s the precious time I’m talking about

Which we never have enough, always wanting more

Not really figuring out what for.

We try to hold onto it for longer,

But moments go by, memories linger.

It is either an enemy or a cruel friend

Which doesn’t bother near our end

It has no limits and can’t be stopped,

By me or you, science or art.

It has its course

It needs to follow,

So we surrender in the hollow

Of the Tick-tock, Tick-tock

That doesn’t stop, will never stop.