A short post for Nineteen Ninety-Four’s music. We have some party songs like Saturday Night, Cotton Eyed Joe, Another Night and Scatman John. All these were played to most of the birthday parties I attended to. Cranberries and their Zombies and Ode to my family really made an impression back then as they were so unique for me. I remember TLC’s Waterfalls video as my innocent mind was wondering how they can stand above water J. And Without you was my favorite song in ’94, but as I didn’t know English back then I was singing it in my own invented language. Like the years before, nineteen ninety four was no exception in love songs like Can you see the love tonight or I’ll make love to you, Kiss from a rose and Take a bow.

And there are some songs that I can relate to more, songs that bring back memories and put me in a good and relaxed mood. Stay another day brings back really nice memories from a New Year’s Eve when I listened to East 17 live at -10 degrees Celsius. Enigma and their Return to Innocence apart from being good for meditation is a song I use to sing as a mantra whenever I am annoyed and it calms me down. Always and Missing are on my list of great songs as you can listen to them even in 10 years by now. But my top three songs from this year are: I swear  because makes me dream of sand and late nights by the beach, lifting my mood anytime; The most beautiful girl because I always feel like Prince is singing this song especially to me J; and last but not least is Always, maybe the greatest hit from Bon Jovi. This is it for this week. A short but efficient post. Enjoy life and next week I’ll be back with 1995.