James Patterson is known as one of the best thriller writers so I decided to give it a try since there aren’t many books dedicated to this genre that I’ve read so far. I really enjoyed 7th Heaven last year and now I came across The 8th Confession, the eighth book from Women’s Murder Club series. We meet again with the four fantastic, gorgeous and intelligent friends Lindsay Boxer, Yuki Castellano, Cindy Thomas and Claire Washburn who try to solve crime after crime, strange cases and follow different leads. The action takes many tours and detours, there are so many plans in the plot so you can’t put the book down. It’s far better than a movie.

And if you thought the book is interesting due to the intriguing cases, you are wrong, because we also have some romance and fireworks that make the book complete. The sexual tension between characters makes you turn page after page to see what’s happening next.

Patterson wants you to learn something from his characters, especially from the victims and assaulters. You can see how people turn from being the most loved to the most hated person in the community or how somebody can turn from invisible into the most famous person for her infamous life. And never forget “What comes around, goes around” so calculate your actions.

If you were looking lately for some books to read in one go, try one of Patterson Women’s Murder Club. I read only the seventh and the eight but I bet you can choose any of them as you can learn about human psychology. Have you read other books from him? Any recommendations are more than welcome.:)