In a world that moves very fast,

I chose to move slowly.

In a world were entertainment is all we need,

I chose silence.

In a world where technology defines everything,

I prefer nature and its beauty.

In a society where money rules,

I chose love.

In a world where people forget the essence of things,

I decided to admire and discover simplicity.

In a world that is centered on their own interest,

I see people and try to understand.

In a world defined by logic,

I can see the lack of it in the beauty of things.

In a society that has answers for everything,

I chose to question things and never settle for the given answers.

I chose to be different.

I found myself and my true call

And will never surrender, even if I fall

‘Cause life means fight and struggle

And love and beauty and wonder

So don’t settle for less or surrender

You might regret it later when it’s nearly over.