Hey there! Hope you have a great week and just want to listen to some music from 1995. I was 10 back then so I quite have a few songs in my mind, songs I used to listen all day long. One of them was Jessica Jay with Cassablanca the song that practically describes the music scene in that year. Was in love with it as much as I was with German band Fun Factory with their I wanna be with you and Celebration. Also Gangsta’s Paradise was a big hit of 95 and Be my lover. Michael Jackson with his Earth song, They don’t care about us and You are not alone were among my favorites, even though I wasn’t in love with Michael as were most of the girls back then. I remember listening to Wish you were here and liking it more than Cotton Eyed Joe. Vaguely I remember Shaggy and his In the summer time as never liked Boombastic. My favorite band back in the days, Backstreet Boys had a hit that year I’ll never break your heart (between me and you- I’m singing it along as I write this post). Probably the song that will never die is Macarena which I dance it whenever I play Dance Central on my Xbox, as is the only one I can get 5 stars:).

Those were the songs I liked back then, but during the years I fell in love with other songs from 95. One of them is 2Pac with Dear mama. Another one is Back for good, the only song I like from Take That. I love all Tracy Chapman’s songs and Give me a reason was released this year. Whenever I feel down I like to listen to Joan Osborne and her One of us and to Alanis Morisette’s Ironic. They are brilliant to make me see things from another perspective and cheer up. This morning I woke up singing Goo Goo Dolls’ Name. Nice start of a day. No more “I love you’s” is a song I will always love as it’s so psychedelic in its own way, like me. Just relax, listen to it and watch the video, you will understand what I mean. Hope you enjoyed the songs from 1995. See you next week with 96’s music.