Nineteen nighty six, wasn’t the best or worst year of my life, was somewhere in between. From this year come many songs I fell in love with later in life. Some of them stayed with me for all this time while others I remembered only now when doing the research. I came to the conclusion that songs are like friendships, some choose to fall apart while others stick with you for lifetime.

In the first category goes No Diggity and Nobody Knows which I remembered just listening to them. Virtual Insanity comes next because even though Jamiroquai has a unique style, his music never really got to me. Return of the Mack was and still is a very nice tune, though I forgot about it along the years. Spice Girls were never one of my favorites band but couldn’t help singing along Wannabe and Say You’ll be there. I also forgot about Donna Lewis’ I love you always forever and En Vogue’s Don’t let go. Back in ’96 I used to listen to Mr President( was my favorite song at that time), Whigfield and Gina G just because you could really dance on these songs.

Those are songs that impressed me when I was 11, but later in life I fell in love with other songs from the same year who are still among my favorites today. Here we have The Fugees with Killing me softly and Ready or not and Sheryl Crow with If it makes you happy. One song video that really impressed me in 1996 was I believe I can fly. Don’t speak (a song I’ve always liked) was No Doubt’s best song and the way I will always remember  Gwen Stefani. Don’t cry for me Argentina is still a song I sing sometimes, especially when I’m under pressure- don’t ask me why as I have no idea why I do it. Also Where the wild roses grow had an impact on me, even though I’ve heard it later in life. Robert Miles with his Children and One and One remind me of my first computer as I used to listen to them on Winamp. But there were five songs that are still on my top list and probably always will be. One of them is Un-Break My heart as everyone I know loved this song at one point in their life. Another one is When You’re Gone as I used to listen to it in Uni, same as Hedonism which I used to listen to in my black hours. The last two or the first two songs come both from 2Pac, who died after he released California love and Life goes on– my second favorite hip-hop song of all times. Peace my friends till next time!