And when I thought 1997 didn’t have much to offer. Oh how wrong I was. I have no idea where to start from, as there are so many songs that I enjoyed then and bring back good memories. Take for example Hanson (you know that boy band where the boys looked like girls) I loved their Mmmbop and I will come to you.  Back in ’97 I was listening to I’ll C U when U get there, Time is ticking away and So strong out. I remember buying a cassette with best songs of this year and Lonely was one of them, same as Uh la la la. I also remember Tubthumping, No tengo dinero, Bamboleo and even  Barbie Girla as I could hear them zooming at beach parties (from the hotel room of course as was still underage in 1997). I used to vote through letters (we didn’t have emails back then) for To the Moon and Back to stay on top and My heart will go on to be number 1. Shania Twain with her From this moment and That don’t impress me much were one of my favorites. Do you remember Backstreet Boys? I sure do, as I only had two obsessions back then buying magazines for Backstreet Boys’ and Leonardo DiCaprio’s posters. So As long as you love me goes beyond saying as one of my favorites from that year.

Even though I never really liked Spice girls, there are two songs that reached my heart: Viva forever and Mama (which always brings back my mum’s picture in my mind). How do I live was another song I really liked and together with Tell Him, were the songs I used to listen when was feeling down. I loved The Unforgiven II and Nobody’s wife, especially to annoy my neighbors. Later on I discovered The Verve with Bittersweet Symphony and The drugs don’t work. The songs I loved from the first time I heard them were Truly, Madly, Deeply, Save tonight and Angel of mine. And my favorite songs from 1997 are I’ll be missing you from P Diddy, as I dedicate to my mum who I miss dearly  and It’s Your Love that I dedicate to my other half. Till next time enjoy life and music.