Music back in ’98

Welcome to ’98 which has many songs to offer. Bands are everywhere. We have boy bands: ‘N Sync, Five, The Offspring, New Radicals, Modern Talking (a song that was in all discos around Europe), Placebo or Aerosmith (their biggest hit and my favorite song for karaoke); and girl bands: B*Witched and Spice Girls (a way of saying that their success lasted only for 2 years). In the band category (this time mixed gender) we have Sixpence none the richer, Vengaboys (have no idea why people liked this song, I must have at one point- what was I thinking?), The Cardigans who had two great hits Erase/Rewind (goes great with a bottle of wine) and My favorite game (dangerous and chaotic the video- can’t stop watch it!) and Ace of Base again( guess this is their last song as haven’t heard from them after).

That’s it with the bands for now, let the ladies shine! This year was probably a ladies year as many hits belong to them. One comes from Sheryl Crow, another one from Whitney Houston and one from Britney Spears (can’t stand this song anymore). Shania Twain made me fall in love with this song, which still is very dear to me and Jewel is singing one of the best songs with a message (love songs that send a good message). Cher brought this disco song to the first places in tops (still love dancing on it), Des’ree inspires me always with this song, Emilia just introduced me that year with my favorite song in 1998 and Aaliyah gave us a dancing lesson and introduced us to the female R&B. Another R&B singer is Brandy who had 2 hits in 1998: Have you ever? and The boy is mine– a duet with Monica (very funny how they argue over a guy). Brandy and Monica are not the only ones with a successful duet that year, Mariah Carey and Whitney Huston enchanted our ears with one of the nicest animated soundtracks, Bryan Adams and Mel C (after saying goodbye to Spice Girls) made this song sound real good (nothing similar to Spice Girls loud music) and Celine Dion ft R Kelly couldn’t have a more beautiful collaboration. After the featuring with Miss Huston, Mariah Carey released this solo single (the only one I really like from her solo career). But she wasn’t the only one with two hits is one year. Chameleonic Madonna changed a lot from La Isla bonita and is very gothic in Frozen and Power of Goodbye (I prefer her this way). Alanis Morissette on one hand feels Uninvited and on the other hand gives thanks to everyone (guess ‘98 wasn’t a good one for her as sounds a bit depressed- anyway my favorite song from Alanis remains Ironic).

You understand now why I say this year was a lady year? From our singing gents we have 5 just five names: Will Smith (a song for summer holiday with your gang), Dj ATB – who marks the beginnings of house music era, German dj Sash! made progressive house music popular all over Europe (sometimes I surprise myself singing the Italian bit from the beginning), 2Pac didn’t live to see the changes and the black president (love his music) and the only one who realized that this was a women’s year and couldn’t take it anymore so wrote a song was Lenny Kravitz.

We’ve listen to a dozen of songs but my favorite one comes from a band and is in my all decades top 10. Enjoy Goo Goo Dolls and their Iris: “And I don’t want the world to see me ’cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s made to be broken I just want you to know who I am.”


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