We are at the end of ’90’s decade and as usual I did some research to see how music sounded in different languages during these years. Coming from Europe it was easier for me to get in touch with songs sang in other language than English.

Decided to start with Spanish songs as they are so many and quite nice. Growing up, there was a telenovela (the soapy Mexican or South American series) culture in my country. Everyone was addicted to at least one. In my case it was only one that I could relate to therefor watch and it was called Muñeca Brava. I could only relate to this one because it was funny, witty and had less drama. In that series I discovered a band called Raffaga with Por to amor, Luna Y tu and Mentirosa. Together with my best friend used to love dancing on this songs. Must admit, they still are good fun. Natalia Oreiro (the lead actor of the series)  was also a singer; Cambio dolor(a song from Muneca Brava) and Me muero de amor being two songs I really loved back then. From Colombia comes fresh face Shakira with Ciega, Sordomuda and from Puerto Rico comes Ricky Martin with Te extrano, te olvido, te amo. Enrique Iglesias- my favorite latino singer released in the 90’s my favorite Spanish song of the decade :Nunca te olvidare. From Spain comes Alejando Sanz with Grande in collaboration with Italian Paolo Valessi. Also from Spain comes my favorite Spanish band-Mana with not one, not two but four great songs: Como dueles en los labios, En el muelle de San Blas, Vivir sin aire and Rayando el sol.

Keeping the latin spirit on we move to Italy which is proud to present Laura Pausini with Strani Amore and Andrea Bocelli with Vivo per lei – a very beautiful song, that never gets old. From Italy comes also Nek with Laura no esta and Eros Ramazzoti with Cose de la vida ( I prefer the version he sings in duet with Tina Turner). From FIFA World Cup 1990 we have a good song, but my favorite Italian song of the decade is Meravigliosa creatura .

We’ve seen what Italy and Spain (Latin America) had to offer. Now it’s France’s turn to shine on the spotlight or I should say it’s high time for some French songs, as not all the artists come from France. First we have Manu Chao with  Je ne t’aime plus, then Jena Jaque Goldma- On ira and Manau with La Tribu de Dana. Canadian Celine Dion couldn’t miss being here as she has lovely songs in French. For today I have two: Porque tu m’aimes encore and On ne change pas. But my favorite French songs of the 90’s come from Algeria and Cameroon. From Algeria we have Cheb Khaleb with Aicha and from Cameroon comes Wes with Alane.

So far, so good with music around Europe and around the world. I thought to search for some German songs and here is what I found: many German artists chose to sing in English to go international. I managed though to find some songs in German like Alles aus liebe (Die Toten Hosen), Das Boot (U96) and Heirate Mich (Rammstein). Don’t think that Germans were only into rock music in the 90’s. There are two songs I used to listen on VIVA channel back in the late 90’s and still have them in my playlist. Seem to never get bored of them, even though I don’t understand much. They come from Oli P and are So bist du and Flugzeuge im Bach– enjoy!

And now, we arrive in Romania, my country where back in the early 90’s we were listening to Laura Stoica with Nicio stea and Un actor grabit. Also lots of new bands were springing in the Romanian showbiz. From them I chose the most popular: N&D with Vino la mine and Genius with Macho Man (I know it sounds funny but that was what we liked back then) and Orasul trist. In the late 90’s I start listening to hip-hop and my favorites were B.U.G. Mafia. Here are two of their best : Limbaj de cartier and Poveste fara sfarsit.

So that is how music sounded in the 90’s in different languages. I chose the most accessible ones for me, but I’m opened to any new suggestions.  Hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to listen to good music always.