The world we live in today has drastically changed from as it used to be hundreds of years ago. We still have an economical system, still have a society but our greed transformed us and our environment. And from that greed lots of problems occurred. Being an Earth citizen you already know the problems we deal with today: poverty, pollution, animal extinction, inequality of classes and races, starvation, lack of fresh water, wars. Have you wondered how can these problems be solved? If you have, but didn’t find and answer, AB Crane comes in to help you with Project Integrity International (PII).

Even though, at first glance I thought is a book destined for a niche market – something not everyone can get their head around – I was glad to figure out I had been wrong. Painting the true picture of the world we live in today and showing us the brutal truth, Project Integrity International tries to give us solutions and ideas of how a world would look like without the issues we are facing today.

Apart for being a project that tries to installs a new society based on new principles, I would consider PII a manual guide on how we have to live in order to reduce waste, inequality and increase happiness and fulfilment for all the inhabitants of the planet. AB Crane presents the causes that got us to this point, but also provides ideas and solutions that might help us in our journey to a healthier and happier planet and society. I would recommend it to all students who study in the field of Economy, Global Affairs, Environment, Media and Social Studies and not only. It goes without saying that PII is a book that future generations must read.

Project Integrity International falls into the category of books that inspire you into action, trying to make you want to improve yourself and your ways. Being focused mainly on the economic situation we are facing today, I didn’t get lost in economic terms, nor get bored during my reading. The terms used are simple so everyone can understand the concepts and the relations between them. The writing style is also simple, that makes the book easier to read. It won’t take you more than a couple of hours to read it. On the plus side information is accompanied by images that explain visually the whole process. The only thing I found a bit out of place was that at times the future problem less society sounded more like a dystopian one, reminding me of Huxley’s New World and giving me some chills down my spine.

Over all, it is a good read, it is based on true facts and it comes with new ideas which sometimes might turn out to be the most powerful things. I would give it a 4 out of 5. In the first place I gave it a 3 but the poem in the end, which is actually a song – Owner of the world, unite! – made me change my mind.

As part of our changing perspective, here is a documentary which together with PII might change the way we act now and in the future.