Time flies and here we are in 2000. Back then we thought that the world is going to end in 2000. It didn’t, obviously, but people around the globe were stressing out on the matter. Lucly we have music to release our stress and anxieties. From this year there are so many songs I love and still listen depending on my mood. When I want to remember about my friends and the great times we spent together I like to listen to Breathless (The Corrs)-one of my best friends and I used to love The Corrs – , to It’s my life– as we liked to sing along when we were going out and to Graduation Song, but this one leaves me a bit melancholic. When I want to energize my mood I listen to There you go and Most girls as I love Pink and all the songs she released so far. If I want to remember all those times when I was 15 I listen to Walking away, Stan, Toca’s Miracle, Again, Teenage Dirtbag, Lady, Stronger, This time around and My love. Say my name is one of the best song from Destiny’s Child and Try again is my favorite from Aaliyah. If I am a bit blue, I prefer to listen to Rise, Only time and The Storm is over. And every morning when I go to work I need some music to energize my mood so on my playlist songs like In the end, On the radio and Can’t fight the moonlight  have to be there. Same as Love Supreme which is my favorite song from this year.

This was it. It wasn’t the end, just the beginning for more music and nice memories. Don’t forget to enjoy life and music!