5 things that didn’t matter in my 20s, but start to give me headaches as 30s approach

When you’re young things don’t seem to matter that much. You don’t stress about serious things, you just love the freedom of your youth. In my 20’s I was living a life that I never thought will end: parties, summers abroad, laughing with friends for the whole night. But there comes a time when life kicks in and tells you to wake up. And that is the moment when everything starts. Reality makes room into your life and from there, there’s no turning back. Things that didn’t matter, now seem to drag you down. Those five things that punched me in the face as I left my 20’s are:

  1. Money

In general we like to say that money are not important, but in reality you can’t go out of the house without them. So they are very important. While I was still in my 20’s I never worried about money or paying bills or grown up stuff. Being the only child, must admit I grew up a bit spoiled so if I wanted something reasonable (not a Bentley!) I was going to have it. And I was like this for quite a long time, till my late 20’s. When I woke up and realised I have to change. So I did. Took my life into my own hands and earned a living. And I must say it’s pretty hard and stressful. Hope to get used with this life soon. Money give me real headaches these days.

  1. Career/Job

If we just mentioned money, it’s impossible not to think about career or job. Where else can you get money from? By robbing a bank (not very safe), inheritance (if you have wealthy old relatives- I don’t) or win the lottery (slightly chances if you always forget to buy tickets). So more likely you start looking for a job that can transform into a career in few years.

I didn’t care about these things in my 20’s because I was too busy travelling, having fun that is the reason why now I’m struggling to get a decent job. Well, everything in life comes with a price, doesn’t it?

  1. Eating healthy and exercise

I was never a big fan of exercising, but I always did it in order to lose weight. I have this weight obsession for as long as I can remember so dieting was never enough. My resolution for this year was to live a healthier life by exercising, cutting processed sugar and wheat flour. It’s hard I know, but after a life of indulging oneself in sweets and pastries, there comes a time when you have to stop and start all over again, on different track.

I never thought in my 20’s that my 30 years old self will behave so disciplinary.

  1. Little wrinkles

In your 20’s you feel great, your skin is glowing and you look healthy. As you grow older things change a bit and you start noticing some strange lines on your face. And then you realise that time is mean and ruthless. So you begin the scavenger hunt in search of the best face cream that holds the secret ingredient to make your skin firm and glowing again. Of course that cream doesn’t exist, but you keep lying to yourself and buy all the things that promise you ageless beauty.

  1. Thinking about marriage and children before the age of 40

This is the last and the most difficult thing on the list as everyone you meet now asks you the same questions over and over again, like a broken CD which re-plays the same song: “When are you getting married?” and “When are you going to have children?”. If your answers are “Soon” and “In 10 years.” they stare at you like you’re speaking a dead language. And then you think there’s a problem with you, at least I do sometimes. But looking around and seeing happy people in their late forties with young children, I think to myself “No worries, you still stand a chance!”

There you go, the 5 things that never bothered me in my 20’s which give me headaches now. I still think age is just a number and behave sometimes like I’m still 16, but I can see disapproving faces around so I stop and keep it to myself. Is it just me, or people expect more as you grow older?

P.S.: Jacqui Z adds more things that annoy us as times goes by. 🙂

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