I’m back with some more music from 2002 this time. There are only 18 songs from this year,Because they were the most important. I loved all of them at one point in time even though with ones it was just a fling while with others was a long term love. The most important are the memories that they bring back.

In the fling category go Cry (Faith Hill), This love (Maroon 5), Can’t hold us down and A moment like this– as I prefer Leona Lewis’ version. In the same category end up Gangsta lovin’, Feel, Lose Yourself and Bonnie and Clyde. These songs, even though I liked them at first, didn’t make it the long way and got annoying at one point. So just lost interest in them.

In the category of the longtime relationship go the following: Cry me a river– as I can still remember the sounds, Complicated– as I used to listen to it in the summer on full volume and Dilemma as I consider the featuring a very successful one. World’s Greatest is my favorite song from R Kelly, same as The Scientist is from Coldplay. Skin on Skin and From Sarah with love are the only songs I know from Sarah Connor but I love them both as they bring back nice memories from high school. In Uni I came across The Blower’s Daughter and fell in love with it ever since. Pink and her Don’t let me get me is a song for me, always was, always will be. Picture is another song I still listen to from time to time as love it too much. Don’t know when I first heard it or what draws me to it… Must be chemistry. And the last one, the song I really love, the song that is on my top 10 ever list is Here without you- 3 Doors Down. There are no words to describe this so music will do all the work. ‘Til next time, enjoy life.