I had a very interesting talk last night about the human being and the complete engineering human body is. We are created in a way to complete the creation. Every single cell in our body is made to do something. It’s like a huge engine, with lots of important pieces, that all work together perfectly, in order for the engine to function. Of course they work perfectly if you take care of the engine, if you give it what it needs and always listen to see any difference in the sound it makes.

And when you think like that it’s merely impossible not to mention our Creator. For some is God, for some in Buddha, Allah, Energy, Zoroaster, Alien and the list can go on and on. We have different beliefs and still we agree on something major: we have a creator.

Being a Christian my whole life was indoctrinated to believe God was the only creator on Earth. Couldn’t settle for this so I started searching for answers. Have read and read and saw that there are many Gods like mine in the world, that every religion has its own God. I was kind of disappointed at first and thought I was taught a lie. Then I read about secret societies, about the Son of God and wondered where the truth is. Came to a point I didn’t know what to believe anymore. I started then to read about aliens and thought for a while, they created us, and control our every move.

In the end, not long ago, I realized where the truth was. And the place you can find it is your heart. Your mind will always trick you, because that’s the way it is made. But your heart will never lie. We spent most of our lives looking for answers that we can find so easily. Our chaotic program is keeping our mind constantly busy so we forget to focus on things that really are important. We can go on like that forever and still feel unsatisfied with our work and ourselves. That is the reason why, once in a while, we have to stop and breathe. Just breath and everything will seem clearer.

As for me, after all this search and torment I finally find my answer. I accept all the theories and believe they are true in their own way but in the end, when I go to sleep at night, I don’t really care anymore. When I looked into my heart I realized that God exists and is there with you as long as you keep Him in your heart. I don’t need proof that He exists anymore, as some things are simply not visible for the untaught eye. I know He is there and here and everywhere, and in me and in you and in everyone. You know God is present when you are kind to the others, when you love unconditionally, when you give without expecting something in return, when you look into the mirror and smile, when you are not afraid and speak up for your rights, when you are true to yourself and the others. God is there and smiles, because that is what he is. No matter how you wish to call Him, you must know that whenever you do a good thing He is there with you.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what your beliefs are, because doing good things is universal. And there lies all the meaning of the great Creator. Just as I finished writing this I came upon this amazing video. Enjoy!

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