Hey there! I can’t believe my weekly musical journey has arrived to the year 2004. The year of great changes. What was I doing back then? Was in my first year in University, a very exciting and stressful year in the same time. It was a huge change (leaving home, moving to a totally new city) and I really needed time to accommodate. At least I had a good friend to cry with when missing home. In terms of music I found 19 songs from that year, songs I completely adore. Can’t even decide which one I like more even though, if I think about it, there is one that stands out form all 19. It is Getto Gospel, my alarm clock song in Uni. It used to drive my roommates crazy, but I didn’t care, cause I was waking up in a good mood. So 2Pac is my no1 for 2004.

Another song I really liked back then and still do is Lost from Anouk- an anthem for the broken hearted. I also recall Beautiful soul (Jesse McCarthy), I don’t wanna know from Mario Winans and Let me love you from Mario reminding me of an endless summer. Burn and These words are two songs that send me back in time to the Indian summer of 2004 when feelings were a bit confusing. Goodbye my lover is a song I ended up hating because one of my mates was listening to it every day and night.  After a while I came to love it because of the memories it brings back- of a life with no worries.

On the list of songs to listen when you’re in a bad mood or when you’ve just broken up with someone is F*ck it (Eamon), Leave (Jojo), Left outside alone (Anastacia) and Because of you (Kelly Clarkson). On the list of songs that boost my energy you’ll find Just be (Tiesto), Hollaback girl (Gwen Stefani), Call on me (Eric Prydz) and The Reason (Hoobstank).

Because it’s summer and the days are getting longer let’s relax listening to Destiny’s Child’s Cater 2 U and to The Corrs and their Summer Sunshine on a lazy summer day. If I fall asleep after that, please Wake me up when September ends. All the best my friends!