It is said that in order to be happy, you have to find the light within yourself. But it’s so difficult to find a light, when the darkness of today’s society tends to become bigger and bigger every day.

Take for eg. your nationality. Are you proud of it? Do you think it represents yourself in the world proudly? Well I must say that I am proud to be ROMANIAN. And you know why? It is because we have one of the oldest histories. Because we speak a language that is a mixture between latin and dacian. Because The Roman Empire wasn’t brave enough to conquer the whole territory of Dacia, even though it succeeded in conquering half of Europe. I am proud that we are the only Europeans who still live on the same ground where we were born as a nation. I am proud that we are one of the first nations who used the writing, as Tartacaia boards are showing it. They are almost 7000 years old.
I am proud, that our nation was the only one in the world who could not be conquered entirely. We acted like a shield for Christianity, when the entire Europe was scared of the Islam and Ottoman Empire.
I am proud that our ancestors were brave and honest people, they believed in themselves and never surrendered. I am proud that people like Mircea Eliade, Constantin Brancusi, Henri Coanda, Aurel Vlaicu, Spiru Haret, Herman Oberth, Conrad Haas, Petrache Poenaru were Romanians. (You can always Google their names and find out who they are.)


And all this history and all these people represent us as a nation. We are not gypsies as many believe (by the way, gypsies come from India), we are not slaves, as many tend to think and we love our country despite the thing that most of us work and live abroad, trying to make a living. You hope to find a better place somewhere else, but the truth is, there’s no place like home. And one day, sooner or later, we come back home.