The Girl on the Train- book of the year

Finished this book this morning and must say it’s a book I couldn’t put down. That rarely happens to me and the fact that I convinced my friend to read The girl on the train says a lot about it. I’m not the first one to state this is a great psychological thriller and most probably won’t be the last either.  Even though I loved Gone Girl and I admire Gillian Flynn for the twisted plot, must admit Hawkins piece impressed me more. And I guess it happened like that because here characters are more real, more human. They can easily be one of us, comparing to Amy and Nick who are a bit out of the picture, a bit unreal, a bit too psycho.

I fell in love with Rachel because I could totally understand her state. I became sympathetic with her and understood why she became like that. If your life and dreams are crushed the easiest thing to do is turn to drugs or alcohol. Rachel picked the easier choice, the one that actually has a way out if you become determinate to quit it and get a life.

Megan on the other hand, is not my kind of woman. Neither is Anna. They both have something I don’t like even though I can’t actually put my finger on it. Might be the thing they both, in a way or another, destroyed Rachel’s imaginary happy life and stories. Since Rachel is my girl, can’t be too sympathetic to neither Anna nor Megan. I liked Anna in the end and Megan, well she is the way she is and I understand it, but I can’t like it.

About the men who appear in the novel, they all are charismatic, but neither of them make you fall in love, as each and every one seems like they are holding some secrets, like they are up to something.

As a psychological thriller you are constantly asking yourself questions. Who is to blame? Who did it? I think I bit my nails the whole time I was reading the novel. It’s just too good. At one point I started questioning Rachel’s sanity and integrity, but for sure I wasn’t prepared for the end. It’s a twisted novel and it makes you analyze people as you pass them on the street. You never know what kind of secrets they hold.

All my praises to Paula Hawkins as this was her life saving jacket. It’s obvious this genre suits her best and can’t wait for her next novel. The girl on the train gets 5 out of 5 from me and I declare it the book of the year.

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