She shouldn’t have done it, but she never followed rules so did it anyway. It was a long time since she last saw him, but she couldn’t just turn around and walk away. The street was pretty crowded, but what if he spotted her first. What if he followed her? Would make things worse. So she decided to approach him, even though he wasn’t the same man she knew. It was ten years now since the last time they saw each other and in ten years people change, things change, nothing stays the same. Time changes everyone and everything.

“Hey there! What’s up?” she thought of asking first something like “Is that you, Carl?” but that wasn’t her. That wasn’t Kate. Kate is the outgoing girl who greets you in an unconventional way and that is what she did now.

Astounded, he couldn’t believe it. Wanted to say something, but the words couldn’t form on his lips. After a few failed attempts, that seemed like an eternity he finally said  “Kate! You didn’t change a bit. How are you? How’s life? What are you doing here?” He wanted to say he’s missed her, to ask her why she cut all the chords, but couldn’t. Didn’t seem appropriate. At least not now, not in the middle of the street. Maybe later, if he had the chance.

“Life’s good, I’m fine. I’m here for a week to do some work and as I was walking and admiring the city, spotted you and came to say ‘Hi’. What were the odds of meeting you here? Funny life” Kate said all those words a little too fast, like she was anxious. Didn’t seem natural, not to her at least and by the look on his face neither to him. But it was the truth, well most of it was true. What else could she say? It’s been too long, far too long.

Carl looked at her, admiring once again her beauty and invited her for a drink to catch up, thinking exactly what kind of catch up he’d like. Couldn’t help it, that was him and she knew it very well.

“Don’t think so, but it was nice meeting you… Seeing you’re alright and stuff… Gotta go now, I’m late for my interview.” And with that it was the last time Carl saw Kate.

Maybe he should have said something different, maybe he should have invited her straight away for a coffee. That way she couldn’t refuse or could she?  Carl will never know it and Kate will always regretting not saying yes. But past must remain past sometimes and if it’s brought back to the future might harm us once again. That is why she didn’t say “yes”. Present is now, past is all a long memory and future, well future doesn’t have to bring the past back to life. It’s the way things have to be.