Three shades of blue (short story)

It’s funny how a colour can rule a part of your life without you even noticing it. It can be found everywhere, but you can’t realize it, because you are either too young, either too busy…

If someone was ever to paint a picture of her childhood it will be in shades of blue. Interesting choice, you’d say, but believe it or not, blue was the colour that governed her early years of life.

Sara was born in a snowy morning of mid-January, in a country that was under the suppression of the communist regime. She couldn’t remember many things from her first years of life, but there is one thing that will stay with her till the moment she’ll take her last breath: her room.

For a young child, one of the most important things is the place where he lives, his room, his sanctuary. Sara’s room with blue cloudy walls was her temple, where she always hid from the world. Those blue walls encouraged her childish imagination. Behind those walls Sara could have been all the things she wanted to: a pop star – singing and dancing for an imaginary audience, a fashion model – wearing her mom’s clothes, a teacher – teaching imaginary students. It felt so good in the blue room, that Sara’s favourite colour became BLUE. It was like an obsessive colour that ruled her life, so whenever she saw this colour it felt safe, at home. And that is why blue was a part of her life.

Until one day of cold December when Sara’s mom passed away. She was only sixteen and that moment marked the beginning of the end. The end of an era, an era governed by blue colour. Now the lovely blue room became a grieving place. There was no joy in that room anymore. All the memories Sara made as a child, were now replaced by a big sadness. Everything changed. Blue wasn’t a comforting colour anymore. It was haunting and sad, like a ghost from the past that still tries to make room in your life. All the blue things she once loved were sending her back to that awful day. It was like a nightmare that kept repeating every night, even though it wasn’t a nightmare, it was all too real. So real that the girl wanted to run away. And so she did, thinking that running away will make her forget. But the blue sky, the blue ocean, they were all a reminder of her fears and nightmares. Sara couldn’t escape them. They were her doom.

She thought it will always be like this, one endless fight with sad memories every time she sees blue. But life always has an interesting twist so not long ago, the meaning of blue changed again.

Blue’s meaning changed three years ago when Sara fell in love with two beautiful blue eyes. They were nothing like she’s ever seen before. They were like an innocent child’s eyes who is looking at his mother for the first time. That was the moment when blue changed its meaning. It became the color of love. It stopped being sad and haunting and started being warm and loving.

From then, every day Sara looks into her soulmate’s eyes she knows that everything is going to be alright and there are no more nightmares to be afraid of. Like a phoenix bird, blue reborn, being more beautiful than ever.


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