Being entertained by 08’s beats

We arrived in the year 2008. It’s been 23 years of music and changes are huge. Most themes are merely the same (love, hate, betrayal, broken hearts, insecurities- showing us how limited we are in accepting and acknowledging other truths and ideas) but the messages changed, voices changed, public changed, reality changed. Everything is different and therefor songs are following trends. They become more explicit, more direct, more to the point. Same as people I guess, who show off and brag all day long on Social Media. These are the times we are living so one can only adjust and accept the new, which is not always the best.

Back to our post about 2008 and his music, we can see there are endless choices to suit every “exquisite” taste. You can’t ever get bored and here is why:

  • We have Kelly Rowland and Tizziano Ferro – an exotic combination following Tina Turner and Eros Ramozzoti’s example (a bit predictable here). I love the part with photos: “See photographs have only two dimensions, but loves defines all logic in a picture”- a good caption for a #selfie. Very profound, don’t you think? For sure you couldn’t find something so mind twisting ten years before. And Kelly’s attempts in Italian sound good.
  • Ne-Yo on the other hand has a déjà vu in the club in CloserShe’s the sweetest taste of sin”, but he can’t stop. I call this an addiction and addictive was this song in all clubs I’ve been to in 2008. Miss Independent must have really gotten under his skin.
  • The Pussycat Dolls got into every men’s fantasy and this song is even better since it starts with Nicole, dressed in white, playing the piano. Don’t be fooled though, this is a break up song. Alert! Devil in disguise. J
  • Pink with my favorite song from 2008 says it all in a Goth video “I don’t want to be the girl who laugh the loudest/ Or the girl who never wants to be alone/I don’t wanna be there calling 4 o’clock in the morning/Cause I’m the only one you know in the world that won’t be home”.
  • Rock fans (guilty as charged) are entertained by Kings of Leon with Use somebody and Sex on fire. Can’t even decide which of these two I like more. I guess they are related since you can use somebody to have sex on fire. Did I mention everything is very explicit nowadays?
  • Akon either sings about his fortune or about dangerous girls. Is this the way he’s drawing attention? One thing is sure: he loves living like a hustler.
  • Usher and Young Jeezy are messing around in clubs, where Usher’s every desire is fulfilled. Hope there are not many people who have fantasies like this one. I don’t want to picture it “on the bar, on the floor”. Not hygienic! Better wait till you get home.
  • Madonna is like an alchemist who discovered the fountain of youth. Do you remember her when she was singing La Isla Bonita? Now she has only 4 minutes to save the world with Justin. Wonder how they are going to do itJ. Don’t forget that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.
  • Moving on to something more summer-ish, more danceable, we find Yves LaRock and his Brazilian inspired rhythms. I can picture some exotic ladies dancing samba on this one.
  • The big surprise this year was Lady Gaga. People suspected she is actually a he, or other strange things, but I just love her craziness and I think her PR’s did an incredible job. Well done guys! Lady Gaga kept us entertained in 2008 with Just dance and Poker Face. As for me, I love the later one.
  • Rihanna also got two hits this year: Disturbia and Live your life. Disturbia is a bit psycho that’s why I really like it and Live your life borrowed some beats from a famous Romanian song, so needless to say, I love it.
  • Rihanna’s bestie Katy Perry sings about second bests. It’s a bit sad and I don’t know if it’s addressed to Russell Brand or the one after him.
  • Chris Brown chose two beautiful ladies to feature with and made two memorable songs. Memorable for me, anyway. First one is a duet with Jordin Sparks and the second one is with Keri Hilson. This was BR (before Rihanna) when Chris was singing about pure love, the love that leaves you with no air (a.k.a. breathless) and at times makes you feel like a superhuman. While first one was my friend’s favorite, the second really got into my head, so much as was going to Internet cafes just to listen to it on YouTube for one hour. Crazy!
  • Broken strings is all that James Morrison and Nelly Furtado are playing. This is a song that sounds really good but has a sad message so I won’t insist too much on it.
  • Do you like trance? Well, I do and Armin van Buuren is my favorite Dj. If you want a bold combination take a trance Dj and use a symphonic metal voice. It will sound like In and out of love.
  • In terms of pop rock The Script came with The Man who can’t be tamed. Sounds really good, but man, you can’t be so clingy. She had her chance, now it’s time to move on. No one wants a man like that. She won’t wake up one day thinking that she’s missing you. Grow up!
  • There were also Kanye West and Jesse McCartney who didn’t make a big fuss so we forgot soon about their songs.
  • And saving the best for last we have Swimming with dolphins an electronica band I fell in love with. Up in the stars and Silhouettes are amazing. Just listen to the lyrics.

Hope I kept you entertained with all these varieties and saw how much music industry changed in 20 years. All the best and always listen to music which speaks to your soul.

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