Music around Europe in ’00 (Part I)

Hi friends and welcome to another musical journey, this time around Europe of 2000’s first decade. We’ve seen so far how music changed over the time and there are so many choices today, that no one can get bored. In Europe, there are so many artists who sing in other languages than English that I found myself obliged to divide this post in two parts. This being the case, let the part one begin.

We’ll start with Mother Russia and its representatives. Well, it’s not entirely correct, as to think there is one artist from Ukraine and one band from Moldova. But they all sing in Russian, or at least I guess they do. I have only few so far as they are the only ones I know. My apologies to all my Russian friends, but you are more than welcome with suggestions. The band I used to listen in the early ‘00’s was T.A.T.U and their Nas ne dagonyat. A song I heard and really liked (even though I couldn’t understand a word) while on holidays in Ucraine was this one: Глупые люди by Hi-Fi. From Ukraine comes Ruslana with Sha-la-la and from Moldova comes Zdob si Zdub with Videli Noch. Love the last one!

From Russia, we move down south to Romania, my country, my home, where artists in ’00 we’re appearing like mushrooms after a heavy rain. Many of them had only a summer hit, while others still rock on today. One of the bands that had like 3 summer hits and then disappeared was Activ, but even after all these years, I still like this song. If you’ve watched Eurovision this year you might have seen this Romanian band. For today I chose my favorite, even though I and my friends nearly had a car accident while listening to this song: Voltaj- Stiu. From my favorite Romanian band in the early 2000, Dj Project, comes Privirea ta. Romania also had a boy band that made all the teenagers scream when they were up on stage, Romanian version of BSB but only with 3 members. 3rei Sud Est was its name and I chose two songs from them: Vorbe care dor and Alaturi de ingeri. We also had some good rock bands: Praf in ochi with O mie de ganduri, Vita de vie- Praf de stele, Vama Veche-Zmeul, Holograf-Primavara incepe cu tine and a duo from a rock band with one of the greatest Romanian female voices Delia and Directia 5- Povestea noastra. I also chose three songs that are great to listen to with your friends as it is for them, for your mates and the moments you spent together: Asa-s prieteni, Gasca mea and Razna. Our Chris Brown, Alex Velea sings about his favorite lady while Romanian version of Kelly Rowland and Nelly, Nico and Cabron sing about their dilemmas. If you thought that rock ’n roll is dead, think again because Stefan Banica is the Romanian king of this genre. I know I got a bit carried away, because there were so many nice songs this decade, so many nice memories made while they were playing in the speakers, therefor I will end the list of Romanian songs with a very famous one: O-Zone with Dragostea din tei. I can bet you heard this song at one point in your life. Last time I heard it in a public place was in a pub in Barcelona in 2010. As a bonus, here’s another song from these eccentric guys: Despre tine.

Moving towards west we end up in Germany from where I picked up three amazing songs I was in love with, and still am, even though I can’t understand much. They all come from my favorite German band Söhne Meinheims & Xavier Naidoo and are Wo wilst do hin, Iche kenne nichts and one of my whole time favorite in other language than English: Und wen nein lied.

From Germany we go to one of its neighbors: France. Here  we have Alizee with Moi..Lolita and Johnny Hallyday with Tous Ensemble– official anthem of French football team in 2002 FIFA World Cup (the only football championship I watched- remember Zinedin Zidane? I do!). I also found Marc Lavoine with his Elle a les yeux revolver and Natasha St-Pier with Tu trouveras. Back in 2006 and 2007 there was a French song I used to listen to on nights out: A cause des garçons. All these songs are nice, but the nicest (one of my all-time fav) is Sous le vent, Garou ft Celine Dion. I end the part one of musical journey around Europe here, with this lovely song. Next week we’ll listen to music from sunny lands of south. Get ready for more good music. All the best.


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