My favorite songs from 2012

Hi friends! We are in 2012 in terms of music and this year I might have made an obsession with different artists as my song list is composed of three songs from Macklemore (loved their whole album) and The Script, four from Emeli Sande (great voice) , two from Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Pink.Continue reading “My favorite songs from 2012”

28 days of solitude by B.L. Bruce – a journal about every writer’s struggles

Once in a while you need a book to relax, a book that you can read in one afternoon and, at the same time, connect with. That is what happened when I started reading 28 Days of Solitude by B.L Bruce- a journal which, if I was ever to keep one, would sound like that.Continue reading “28 days of solitude by B.L. Bruce – a journal about every writer’s struggles”

A book like no other- Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

On hot summer days, the best thing to do, while not working, is cool down with a good book in your hands. Good books are everywhere, we just have to look for them. As for me lately, I like to read books that are highly recommended by people I know or by people who knowContinue reading “A book like no other- Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk”

Thoughts on difficult times

Life’s strange and there’s no way of understanding it. We usually complain about things And hope that our happiness lies somewhere else Maybe in another time or space. We dread for that particular moment to come, The one that can change your life on a dime, But, more than ever, that moment will never shine.Continue reading “Thoughts on difficult times”