Songs from 2010

Hi friends! Not in the best humor of all times due to the heat wave that is causing me distress and other things that I chose to ignore for now, but music can always make me feel better. As I said it before, music and writing are my therapy. So it’s time for music from 2010, a year that brings back many nice memories, a year I had the best summer of my life and I met people who became my best friends. Think of a summer when you partied every night with a bunch of people who were just like you. Think of all the sleepless nights and all the laughter, the nice memories you’ve made, memories that will last a lifetime. They don’t need too many pictures or selfies, because everything is right there in your mind and heart. This was my summer and here are the songs that stuck with me:

We start with the ones I love the most and the ones I used to listen to at full blast in 2010. Pink being one of my favorite artists had two songs on my list: Raise the glass (sums up that summer as I can always party on my own) and F*cking perfect (to feel good even when you’re down). After Pink comes Robyn, whom I fell in love with in 2010, with Dancing on my own and Hang with me (love this one). Lupe Fiasco and his Show goes on was introduced to me by a friend and since then it became my anthem, a song I listen to when I need to cheer up. Nicky Minaj has released in 2010 the only four songs I like from her: Your love (since it uses Annie Lenox’ intro), Right thru me, Super Bass (funniest thing was when I heard, last year, a ten years old rapping on this one) and my favorite Moment 4 life (“to live doesn’t mean you’re alive”- precious words). Drake had a good collaboration with Rihanna in What’s my name ( I heard this song sung by a two years old). But Rihanna and Eminem, this time, released another hit this year: Love the way you lie (“that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano”). After that Eminem had a solo song: Not Afraid, which was pretty good also. In 2010, was also  in love with:  Lady Antebellum Need you tonight (don’t even know how I came to love this sad song, maybe it’s due to my bipolar personalityJ), B.o.B.’s Airplanes (practically the summer hit), Written in the stars  from Tinie Tempah, Just a dream– Nelly (good sound, even though the lyrics are a bit sad) and Trey Songz’ Already taken.

Now we’ll see the songs that I’ve dance to on those crazy parties in 2010. The best one is by far Club can’t handle me. This was everywhere, in clubs, on ringtones, at the radio, literally everywhere. Dynamite and In my head were good songs for a successful party. Same as All of the lights and Forever young (as we all want to stay forever young). We R Who We R was perfect for a crazy party, together with Last Friday Night  (love this one too much), California GurlzFireworks and Teenage dream. I’m coming home was the song we used to sang by the end of the summer.

And there were few songs I discovered later and found out now they were released in 2010. The Script and their For the first time and If I die young (The Band Perry) are two songs I don’t usually listen to, but when I hear them I sing along. Ellie Goulding’s song (a cover after Elton John’s one) I first heard it when  was watching some Valentine’s Day commercials, three years ago. Another song from 2010 is Impossible from Shontelle, but, to be honest, I prefer James Arthur’s version (even cried with him the first time I heard it). And Rolling into deep is from 2010, even though I was never a big fan of this song.

That’s it folks! Hope you enjoyed the songs from this year and they brought back nice memories for you. All the best and dance like nobody’s watching.

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