Life’s strange and there’s no way of understanding it.

We usually complain about things

And hope that our happiness lies somewhere else

Maybe in another time or space.

We dread for that particular moment to come,

The one that can change your life on a dime,

But, more than ever, that moment will never shine.

I don’t want to upset any optimistic

Or encourage any pessimistic

But that’s only realistic.

In our twenties we wait for our thirties to be all figured out.

In our thirties we hope that at forties will bring the best out,

But life doesn’t work this way.

One day you’ll be hit by something from your right just to be knocked down by something from your left

And there on the pavement you’ll look at the world and see it’s scary face.

And you’ll feel so small

With no intention and no strength to move on.

But in your torments and anguish you might feel an invisible hand

Trying to help.

And that is the moment you realize it’s not over.

If you’re conscious while lying down

It’s a sign you have to stand up and go on.

So stand up straight and face the facts.

There’s always a lesson behind all acts.