My favorite songs from 2012

Hi friends! We are in 2012 in terms of music and this year I might have made an obsession with different artists as my song list is composed of three songs from Macklemore (loved their whole album) and The Script, four from Emeli Sande (great voice) , two from Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Pink.

Let’s start with Macklemore and their Same love (just listen to the lyrics and watch the video). Can’t hold us was my favorite song from Macklemore (love how everyone is dancing and jumping and Ryan Lewis is so chill) until I heard Neon Cathedral and fell in love with it- “underneath this fragile frame, lives a battle between pride and shame”.

Emeli Sande is an artist that made a great impression from the first moment I saw and heard her. She has the looks and talent, plus her lyrics speak straight to my heart. Next to me is one on my favorite songs in Zumba class. My kind of love is another song I really like and the 2013’s remix video is brilliant (a MUST watch).  Her collaboration with Labrinth in Beneath your beautiful is just perfect and Read all about it is a song I want to learn to play on my keyboard. Might take longer than I expected.

From one of my favorite rock bands, The Script, we have Hall of Fame, Six Degrees of Separation (can teach you a thing or two about relationships and how to deal with a separation) and  If you could see me now – a song that brings me to tears every time

Chris Brown released two songs I really like in 2012. First, Don’t wake me up – my alarm clock song (ironic, I know) and second is probably Chris’ best performance, Don’t judge me.

Same as Chris, Katy Perry presents two songs I really love Part of me (girls’ power!) and Wide Awake (love the lyrics).

Rihanna comes with her Diamonds to blind us, but when Drake comes into the scene in Take care, she calms down.

Songs of the year come from Pink, not only because she is my favorite artist of all time, but because they are awesome. Just give me a reason was one of my colleague’s favorite songs so we were listening to it at full blast, every morning, in the car, on our way to work (great way to start the day). Try  has great lyrics and powerful beats – they key to get on top charts.

There were also four other songs I liked in 2012. We are young (Fun) – reminds me of Gossip Girl, Let her go (Passenger) – nice lyrics and a relaxing tune, Payphone (Maroon 5) – the only song I really like from them. I end this post of songs from 2012 with Swedish House Mafia and their Don’t you worry child. Let the music play and don’t stop dancing!

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