For the second day they chose a difficult task for me, because I hate talking or writing about myself. Makes me really uncomfortable, but hey, I said I’d do the challenge so let’s continue.

  1. Not a narcissist or egotist but I truly love myself, in a way that I accepted all my flaws and embraced them.
  2. A true Romanian at heart even though I live abroad, due to love matters.
  3. An old soul that enjoys simplicity.
  4. I follow no norms and hate rules.
  5. Book lover, especially the ones about Utopian societies.
  6. A true artist in my own company.
  7. I am a strong believer in extra and intra terrestrial and am fascinated by all the stories about them.
  8. I want to make a difference.
  9. I believe in God but I don’t believe in religion.
  10. I love writing but I get lost between ideas at times.
  11. I’m addicted to gummy sweets (Harribo and co.)
  12. Dog lover, even though I used to prefer cats before I moved to Cyprus.
  13. Began eating bananas again after a pause of 25 years meanwhile I couldn’t stand the smell of them and couldn’t be around people who ate them.
  14. Hate any housework, but I love baking.
  15. I love learning new things (playing keyboard is next)
  16. Love silence and nature, therefore I’d love to live in a remote place, on a desert island or on top of a mountain.
  17. Love sleeping so much I could do it 20 hours like a lion.
  18. I love abstract art and encourage everyone to try it.
  19. I like spending time around children, not only because it’s my job, but I love learning new things from them.
  20. If people reach my heart, they are going to stay there forever.

Well, I must say it wasn’t difficult after all and I really had fun. You should try it also!