I am not a racist, nor a humanist. I see the world around me as a home, no matter where I go,  acknowledging the people around me, trying to understand them and their values. Media and globalization made it possible for us to connect, to move around, to try to settle for better, to try our luck. Media is the one who controls us in a way or another and believe it or not, even the most intelligent people can be tricked by its skillful means. I know this because for four years I studied it hard, had exams about it and learned how to manipulate masses. That is one of the reasons I gave up on working in media industry.

All these things stated above get me to the Syrian exodus, as there is no better way I could put it. Media is presenting both sides, just to confuse us. And confused people always need a “leader”. First they presented the negative results of this massive migration so the people can react. So people did, by implying humanity, love and human rights. On the other side, personalities are supporting the refugees, one of them being J.K. Rowling. It’s easy to choose public figures that people love and follow, because they can “convince” the public easier. It has to do with charisma and how easy people fall for it. On top of everything we had the heart-breaking story of Aylan Kurdi. For sure he’s not the only boy who downed, not the only one who died, but presenting pictures with him to the public had a purpose. Social Media is on alert. People are supporting Syrian emigrants now more than ever, inspired by the pictures they saw, words they read, news they heard.

By now maybe you wonder if I am for or against Syrian wave of emigrants. I don’t support it and cannot understand why they chose Europe to Emirates, who are far richer and share the same values. Then I can’t understand why so many, all of a sudden. War zones are all over the world but people don’t just leave in crowds. There are things that don’t look natural, normal. I also saw a video from a train station in Hungary where they were putting the water they were given on the train tracks and refusing food. You don’t do that, especially when you are coming from a war zone. But then again, maybe the video had some work over it. On the other hand I understand they must have been terrified in their country if they decided to risk their children’s lives and their own.

After all. the real drama is we are living in a world like this, where we are ruled by people who seek their own interests, where they play dice with human lives, where we are controlled by church, by media, by politics. The drama is we are not waking up to stop it. Letting the people come into your country is not solving the problem, it will make more. Poverty levels will grow in the following years, and the gap between the rich and the poor would be even bigger. That is what they want. the big guys. As for now, there is no other solution but to accept the refugees and help them in a way or another. What else you can do, when they are waiting in trains, near the borders. Anyway, if we act towards solving the conflict in their country, many of them might go back.