If someone had asked me, when I was a teenager, what was my dream job, my answer would have been: someone famous. I craved for people’s attention and dreamed that one day I would be in the spotlight, admired by others. Luckily, that was just an episode in my life. After I graduated Uni, I lost interest in every job available on the market and my only dream was to travel and work for my living. And so I did, for a while. But then society hit me in the face and asked me the fundamental question “What are you doing with your life?” So I started making plans for the future, get a nice job, start saving money – which we all know it’s a complete nonsense.

And that gets me here, to the present moment, where I have to think about my dream job. Does it really exist? And if it does, what would it be?

First of all you think of the things you enjoy doing and you might think that they will lead you to the correct answer. Well, I love writing and reading, but doing that as a job with pressure and deadlines… NO, thank you. I can’t think doing something that I love for money. It’s losing its value and I lose interest. On the other hand, I hate working to pay my living. It’s like you have to do it, otherwise you’ll be kicked out of the society. I do it, but that doesn’t mean I like it, even though there are many days when I really love my job and also days when I want to run away as fast as I can and as far as I can get. And that gets me to the point of saying that my dream job would be no job. Doing things just for fun, without being paid, without deadlines, in a society where money do not exist and people get on with their lives doing what they love, at their own pace. Maybe that is the reason why I love Utopian society, because in my mind I already created one.

What about you? Do you really have a dream job?