People say we can’t experience happiness unless we let go of our fears. They might be right, because every time I overcame my fears I felt a new person. I felt alive. And that feeling, might be leading to pure happiness. I mean, living with no fears makes you free and how many people in the world can feel this way?

As for me, I do have some fears, that grew bigger over the years. I’m afraid of snakes and reptiles in general, but the most frightening for me is Komodo dragon- a reason why I would never visit Indonesia. I feel sick only by thinking I could meet one in my life. Another thing I am afraid of, and have nightmares about, is tsunami. Have no idea where this fear came from but is a strong one? I might have died in one in my previous existence. Well, the fact that I live by the sea doesn’t help either.

I guess I’m pretty afraid of the things I can’t control like going in a car with a fast driver, or flying on airplanes (the latest one), or sailing across a vast area of water. These are general things I’m afraid of, things that make my adrenaline run wild through my body, which at times might be good thing. But most of all, and this is not something I can avoid, I am afraid of leaving this world without doing something worth remembering (in a positive way). I am afraid that when my soul will leave my physical body, it will have no reasons to be happy and would have to start it all over again, from zero. We are here to create, to evolve, to help one another and my worst fear is that I cannot accomplish either of these while I’m still here. And then one day(or night) I can’t do it anymore. My time would be over. So I hope he (time) is going to be my friend on this and help me make a difference.

I don’t like writing about things I’m afraid of, as they make me really anxious, but in order to be happy, you have to overcome your fears, one by one. So I try…