This might be my favorite post so far as it’s all about the music. Too bad I have to name only five songs, because that is a tough choice. But I have to do it so my picks for today are:

Einsamer Hirte– Gheorghe Zamfir (it was impossible not to chose a Romanian in my top 5)

Slave to love– Bryan Ferry (my wedding song)

Iris– Goo Goo Dolls (I have always loved this one)

Wann– Xavier Naidoo (a song that surpassed the language barrier; no idea what they are saying, but that doesn’t matter to me, as long as I like it)

Out of curiosity, just checked its translation (for the first time) and was amazed. No wonder this song stood out, the lyrics are awakening.

Stole the show– Kygo (the song and video I’m hooked on for the last two months)

Music is just great and it doesn’t need any translation. What is meant to send a message can do it anyway, no matter the language. This post might have just turned out into a revelation and that is one of the miracles an ordinary day can bring.