Day 9: “What’s in your bag/ wallet”

Who did this challenge? I mean, seriously, what’s with this question? Didn’t you know it’s not polite to ask a lady what she carries in her bag? It might be the last question you ask as she can have there an entire arsenal of small objects that can easily be transformed into deadly weapons. Just saying…

Since I am a lady and that applies to me in a way or another I’m going to present only my wallet contents. Anyway you won’t get a chance to find it as I like voluminous bags J.

I feel like I’m in a check point at the airport and have to empty my wallet because there’s something suspicious in it. So here it is, moment of truth, let’s begin.

First thing I see is a holy bracelet, bought God knows when, from a church or monastery. Can’t remember. Next to it, as they are in the same pocket is a key chain with a photograph of my mum. Well hidden, don’t know why, is a paper with one of my UK collaborators email address (I might not want to deal with that person). In another small pocket it’s an index from a mood ring I don’t even have anymore (chucked it in the bin). Other things that will go in the bin are: two old bus passes, three bank receipts and some papers with work related details that are no longer important.

There’s a small yellow card folded in half, with some details I can’t understand or read. Must be my employment card (disadvantages of living in a country whose language you don’t speak). Close to it, lies my ID card. In the same pocked, I have a traditional bracelet that we only wear in March, but there’s a March next year, isn’t it?

If those things weren’t enough, get ready for what’s about to come. In my small wallet I always carry four small prayer books. Now before you draw any conclusions, you must know I am not a devout Christian, but if I’m caught in traffic or in worse situations and have no other book to read or no chance to survive, they are my resources. Why four? Because they are all different, depending on my mood and the amount of time left. One must be prepared for whatever comes.

You’d probably wonder by now, where are my credit cards or my money. Well, I do have a dollar, 50 Hryvnia (Ukrainian money) and 15 euro cents. This is it. All the money in my wallet. It sums up at around 2,5 euros. A fortune :).

I might not carry money with me because I like the feeling of freedom, with no money involved, but I guess the contents of my wallet (apart from the receipts) are quite interesting. Can’t believe I had so many things in it, as always seems empty :).


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