Day 11: Name 10 favorite foods

I don’t write or talk about food, I eat it.  Every single time I talk about it I end up really hungry, therefore really grumpy as I’m in the mood for my favorite foods only. And I can’t really buy them from the corner shop. Plus, writing now about goodies is like a punishment, as I’m trying to live a healthier life. But if you insist…

Top three is easy to establish as I know what I like, in terms of food: paella (Spanish dish), cheesecake  and chicken with sour cream and polenta (Romanian dish), in exactly this order. First and second place, though, might swap their position, from time to time. As for the third place, I only like the one U.B. makes. On the other seven places are soups, sushi, cheese, eggs, carrots, mangoes and burgers. It would have been easier to write about the foods I don’t like as the list would have been smaller. Seriously, I like all sorts of food except lamb, cakes with whip cream and pasta/spaghetti. But in time of crisis I’m sure I could eat them too. It’s not time to be a fussy eater, when hunger is one of the world’s problems.

And now I would really like a cheesecake…:)


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