Day 12: My favorite childhood book

If you look around this blog, you’ll notice I love reading. Every  story transports me in other dimension, ruled by my imagination, where I am part of the book, where I relate to the characters and even think like them. At times, I even become one of them. So how couldn’t I like books, when I can live so many lives at once. My fascination with literature, though, varied in time. There were moments when I hated reading anything and times when I was hypnotized by a book.

As a child I remember I loved stories of any kind and could listen to them for hours. When I was about four, the story that fascinated me more was The Gigantic Turnip, a funny Russian fairy tale written by  Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy. I remembered how I was begging my parents to play it again and again on the theater projector.  Later on in life, around the age of 10, three books changed my perception about life and opened my mind to wonder. First was White fang, by Jack London, the first “long” read I managed to finish. That book was very powerful for my ten years old self. Second one was Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne- a breeze of fresh air that made me consider all the things we do not know about our “home”. And the third one  was The New World Order by A. Ralph Epperson- which happened to be my favorite book for a long time, even though at the age of 12, when I read it, I couldn’t understand all the things in there.

I admit I was no typical child, as you can see from the books I read…

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