Day 13: What’s inside my fridge

Oh, my fridge, my lovely friend which always welcomes me with a nice cool breeze. A cool breeze I love especially during the summer days which seem to never end, even though we are in September. My fridge, is my second best friend in this house, as it always tries to cool me down. It already knows I have a heat allergy :).

Apart from the cool breeze, Zerowatt  is full of inedible things, plus some carrots I bought the day before and some plain Thai rice. My fridge gives shelter to loads of creams meant to heal my pains and allergies, to some vitamins (I always forget to take) and lots of supplements that U.B. keeps there (have no idea if he takes them or not).I have like 20 liters of water in there, because water is important, it keeps you alive. 🙂 I also have two containers of Whey protein powder I used to put in my coffee in the morning, but then I stopped (I know that’s not its purpose, but I really like it like that).:)

By now, if you read this, am sure you wonder how we survive with no food. Well, we decided to live just like plants and use sun’s energy. Anyway we have plenty of sun where we’re living so why not give it a try. I must say it works pretty well, apart from the fact I am allergic to sun. Am pretty sure I’ll figure out a different way of nourishment. Water, alcohol, air… I have plenty of choices:). And even if Zerowatt is useless at times, I will still keep it for the cool breeze. Maybe will transform it into a mini-cool room :).


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