habit (noun) -“a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.” (google)

Given that, I don’t recall having one healthy habit and they want me to name 3. Thing is, my personality doesn’t allow me to make habits easily, because I can’t do same things repeatedly. The only healthy activities I do regularly are:

  • sleeping – I could never give this one up and nor would you. The only difference is that I love doing it and eight hours are never enough. Should have been born a lion.
  • walking- because don’t own a car and even if I did, I’d never drive it myself as I’m concerned for the others well being and safety. I could give this one up, if I had a personal driver.
  • reading- could never give up reading, as it helps me relax and stop thinking about the world. Together with writing, they are my best therapy.

I wish I had more healthy habits, but these ones are better than nothing. Maybe in a few years exercising and healthy diet would be part of the list, but for now, I stick to these three/four ones.